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Kalang Solar Trackers

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Kalang Solar Trackers creates unique sun-tracking devices which maximise the potential solar energy collection of a solar array. The amount of usable energy harvested is dramatically increased.

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What is a Solar Tracker?

We have designed our Solar Trackers to be substantially more efficient than a typical fixed solar array. Our trackers use standard solar panels and we can cater from small stand alone systems to large grid connect arrays. The energy increase from mounting your solar array to a Kalang Solar Trackers "Harvester DA" will reduce the payback period and increase the cost effectiveness compared to a regular solar system. The ‘Tracking’ mechanism is what makes them greatly more effective in comparison to a fixed installation. It allows the Solar Tracker to move the solar panels in the direction of the sun, thereby maximising the amount of solar energy the cells produce.

We design and implement two main types of solar tracker, Single Axis and Dual Axis. We specialise in Dual Axis Solar Trackers which follow the sun on its daily and seasonal course and offer the greatest increase in solar energy collection from your solar array.